Remarkable Journey: 12-Year-Old Boy’s Transformation into Stone (Video)

We find ourselves in the heart of a remote village set amidst craggy mountains, where life course of Muru the young boy having a strange disease charts a story – a story of chronicle. The message lies in a story that is drowning with love, constancy, and undefeatable soul of Muru whose name, which means «love» in French, shockingly unravels much more about him. Living the life Muru has was not easy: he had to deal with a number of tough problems since his birth. This temperature and his complexion was enough to make him a mystery child of the city. His classmates saw him strangely because of his unique appearance and called him so “moor”, due to his special look.

The beginning of Muru’s is just a reflection of civil struggle that started when he first came to life. The experts in the fields of medicine, tended to be confused about the nature of the condition and burdened Joseph and his spouse with merely costly treatment plans that were beyond their means. All o lose hope, they turned to the traditional remedies, all they could do was wait as they hoped that nature would turn out to be the cure they needed. However, the contestation brought no results, and time made Muru’s multiple and vicious infirmity even worse.

The outer shell of his skin got tough and rough, thus becoming naturally protective and he began to wear clothes for the first time since inception. Yet he continued to show love to his kid by giving his child all what it takes to afford him a good life. Education proved the second hurdle for Muru just as in the similar way as he was doing the exercise. Acquiring a place at the desired school though quite a difficult task, he still managed and eventually a welcoming institution offered him a chance to have good education.

On the other hand, a frequent occurrence of Muru overheating which warped his shots made him often skip some classes and he ended up with academic handicaps. The treatment he received at the school was rejection by his fellow students and jokes about his illness follows. No one appreciated the disease he was afflicted with. Although they were brutally view heavy sports as their only way to make decent money. Education becomes an essential tool for students to compete in the job market and prevent intergenerational poverty.

The depth of the father’s madness of passion for his son was beyond limit. He carried his lost friend, Muru, on his back, went as far as his condition made it possible, washing his clothes, applying nourishing balms to his skin to soothe his misery. Through their bond, love grew with every hope and desire for the future. They were weaved together with this beautiful tapestry. But identical to his siblings, his sisters, too, filled the vacuum displaying compassion and care in his trying moments.

And this way Mr. Muru’s skin kept peeling off and then congealing thus cutting was the last resort he resorted to by using a blade for some respite and still endured the severity of the pain with stoicism. And beside all the pain, he came to understand and treasure his family as the ones who would always be there for him.

Joseph’s passionate plea thrilled through the crags as a distressed request for help to transport him to a place where his son’s circumstances could be handled. He wanted to believe, that the approach to Muru’s condition would probably be a turning point in the battle.

This certainly brings out the popular idiom “Love and Courage can help us to overcome the most challenging of encounters with a positive outcome. Their relationship, the spell or the tie of a father and a son, stands as a proof that love is more powerful than death. The two of them, the optimistic spirit shared by these two, becoming the beacon of hope for better and happier times to come. Facing such circumstances, you may feel obliged to help, therefore a GoFundMe campaign was initiated to make the community realize that it is such a cause that will allow the boy to potentially turn around the situation and change his fate for good.

Typical world is full of artificial walls. In this undoubtedly situation tale of Muru, serves as a superb example of love, family and hope.

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