Miracle twins born at only 24 weeks, who fought for their lives, are now being discharged after spending 150 days in the hospital.

After 150 days in the hospital, a pair of twin boys who were born at 24 weeks gestation are celebrating being brought home today.

Doctors have informed doctors that little Matthew og Elgan, who weighs only 1lb 3 oz and 1lb 4 oz, will not live.

At just 24 weeks gestation, tiny Matthew Ifan and Elgan Sion Rees were able to survive, weighing 1 pound, 3 ounces and 1 pound, 4 ounces when they were born.

Tracey Evans and Mark Rees, the parents of a brother and sister, are overjoyed that their infants have arrived safely.

Mum Tracey Evenden, 38, has been at their beds nearly every day while they have undergone life-saving surgeries at four different hospitals.

Tracy stated: “There were instances where we didn’t know what the result would Be or even thinking that it may Be the last night of their lives, spending day to day hours sometimes.”

“And with luck being the only factor, we were able to continue on. All I want is for it to be over. Right now, life is the most hazy.”

After all, it looks like it’s been quite the voyage. I have said those words to my children so many times that I cannot even begin to count. “You’re finally home with us.”

The kids’ touch caused Tracy to get anxious even though they were born in October, and their father, pub manager Mark Rees, 34, was told that his babies could pass away at any time.

Mark remarked, “Heaven for, we began to pray, which we only do during our direct situations.” Mark and Tracey also have a 12-year-old son named Ethan.

“We can’t properly thank the nurses and all the staff members; they have been at the pinnacle of heaven,” he continued.

We start dividing up the care between the community and the parents. The babies have space to go back to their parents’ home, which is located west of Lempeter, even though they might still be sickly.

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