Mesmerizing Moments: Father Leads Twins’ Water Birth on a Bed of Blossoms.

A novel group of pictures is centered on a man mid-day giving birth to his twins in the water. “Robin Baker from Temecula, California is the professional behind the camera – a birth photographer and a doula – who took the touching pictures that were taken on the 24th of February, “said a statement. She managed the whole water birth, which happened so late that the moment the team had arrived, the baby had already done getting born. The snapper claims it was “indisputably one of the most awesome moments in my work career.” This image came with the title of the Image of 2016 Year Competition from the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.

“Home birth is not a worry for them since the woman gave birth to their first born child two years before the twins in their homesteading,” said Robin Daily Mail to online. She on top of that says,… “By having contractions and taking the pictures, I was helping them to prepare for the birth of their child.” It had been my second birth I had at home; I knew what to do. With doula having prepared the room and taking photos, as well as dealing with contractions herself, no wonder mom-to-be was at ease as her labor progressed. It seemed as though the birth occurred without any preparations by the birth team, as they barely had enough time to arrive on the scene before the event.

The group, however, did still manage to connect with the doctor over the phone, the doctor was on the phone and said, “The head was calm and peaceful.” Robin had the tub just right, they had their baby, and everybody was happy. As soon as she saw this she jumped in and began to push immediately against water resistance.

They spent thirty minutes getting to know Baby A before Baby B was put in his dad’s arms while still covered in the amniotic sac, she says. The award-winning picture was taken by Robin at this very moment. It shows the father holding the new baby in the red water while his wife holds their first child, a baby girl.

“Mom reached down and took out the sac. Dad turned the baby over to free the nuchal cord, and then he gave him to mom.” The mother said the birth took place at home as planned and “went exactly as I had hoped.”

Soon, the birth team finally showed up to deliver the second placenta. The color and black-and-white pictures that came out show the mother with her hair in a bun, looking both upset and happy as she and her tattooed partner welcome their twin boys into the world.

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