Magical drama of a mother’s indomitable heart: Raising her cherished child on her feet

Dejana Backo was born without any arms. This has caused her some problems, but she has never let it stop her from living her life and doing the things she needs to do.

A few months ago, the 28-year-old and her 24-year-old partner Marko Nezic welcomed their daughter Lara into the world. They are so happy with her.

Since she had her baby, Dejana has been posting honest videos of her life as a mum on TikTok (@marko_dejana), showing both the good and the bad parts. Her videos have been watched millions of times.

The artist said, “It wasn’t easy at first.” It was really important to me to pick up our baby by myself, but I couldn’t.But things are easier for me now that Lara is four months old. For example, it’s easier to get her out of bed and put her in chairs. Her neck is stronger now, and she’s growing so quickly.

Dejana Backo was born without arms, but that doesn’t stop her from being a parent. Picture: JAM PRESS

The 28-year-old and her 24-year-old partner, Marko Nezic, had their daughter a few months ago (Image: JAM PRESS).

She has to find other ways to do things like feed and dress her child that other parents might take for granted because she doesn’t have arms.

She stands on her feet for a lot of the tasks, like making a bottle and even taking Lara out of her cot, which she calls her “biggest fear.” But she tells others to “not limit yourself.”

The mom shows off how she puts Lara in a baby wrap right on her feet in one video, saying that she is learning “everything she needs to learn” for her daughter.

Dejana can also use her fingers, hands, and chin to open things.

In a different video, she can be seen carrying her daughter’s pram up the stairs with Marko.

After giving birth, Dejana has been posting honest videos on TikTok about her life as a mum (Image: JAM PRESS).

Dejana has to find other ways to do things that other parents might take for granted because she doesn’t have arms (Image: JAM PRESS).

As you can see in another video on her TikTok, the “superhero” mom can also make her daughter sing just her feet and toes.

“When I feed her now, my husband just helps me put her on a pillow and between my legs,” the mum said. Even though I can do many things by myself, they still take longer.

To make life a little easier, the family doesn’t do some things, like cooking. In addition, someone helps them clean the hoop.

She said, “We don’t cook; we always eat out, like at a restaurant or someone else’s house.” There is also a woman we pay to clean and help Lara two hours a day, mostly in the evening…

A lot of the work, like making a bottle (Image: JAM PRESS), she does on her feet.

Dejana can also use her chin and shoulder to open things (Image: JAM PRESS).

Before she had a child, Dejana from Serbia was famous on TikTok for the paintings she makes while singing. However, the nice words about how great of a parent she is have blown her away. People have even called her “superwoman.”

The mum says that they are not “doing anything special” and that this is just their “normal” life.

“Yes, we were shocked by how many followers we got,” she said. That wasn’t our goal, but through sports, painting, and now being parents, we’ve gained a lot of attention, and we’re so thankful for it.We’re so grateful for this chance to inspire other people by just documenting our everyday lives and the way we do things ourselves.

Dejana from Serbia was famous on TikTok for her paintings before she had a child. Picture: JAM PRESS

People on social media have been moved to tears while watching the videos, and many people, including parents, have praised the mum for sharing her life with them.

“And I think there are times when it’s hard being a mum,” Carla Hawkes said. “Great job, mom. You’re doing great.”

I told Tammy Mae, “What an amazing woman!”

Samantha Jane said, “You really are a superwoman.” [sic]

Zara said, “What a lucky kid with such a brave mum.”

She said, “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Laney Rose told you, “You are the epitome of a superhero.” This is beautiful and wonderful.”

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