Let’s examine 20+ adorable newborn motions and acts that shocked onlookers when they were born.

Grasping Reflex: As a natural reflex, newborns frequently show off their ability to grab objects placed in their hands, demonstrating their innate skills from birth.

Rooting Reflex: A baby will naturally move their head toward the source of stimulation when their cheek is caressed or touched.

Sucking Reflex: Babies have a natural reflex to suck on objects placed in their mouths, aiding in feeding and providing comfort.

Crying: While it may not always be welcomed, crying is a natural way for newborns to communicate their needs, whether they’re hungry, tired, or in discomfort.

Smiling: Though sometimes ascribed to gas, babies can occasionally exhibit real grins, particularly in reaction to comforting or positive stimuli such as hearing their parents’ voices.

Eye Contact: Newborns are able to form early relationships and attachments with their caretakers by maintaining eye contact.

Startle Reflex: Also known as the Moro reflex, newborns may exhibit a startle response to sudden noises or movements, often extending their arms and legs outward.

Sleeping Positions: Reminiscent of their time in the womb, newborns often snuggle up into fetal positions as they sleep.

Head Turning: As an indication of aural awareness, babies may swivel their heads in reaction to voices or sounds.

Face emotions: Newborns can exhibit a variety of facial emotions, highlighting their evolving personalities, even from birth, from pouting to furrowing their brows.

Jerky motions: As they learn to move independently and adapt to their new surroundings, newborns’ motions might occasionally appear jerky and uncoordinated.

Hiccupping: Newborns frequently have hiccups. These can be brought on by underdeveloped digestive systems or by swallowing air while being fed.

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