Interested in the cute innocence of a newborn baby sleeping and its sweet

When you look for something to make you smile but all you are seeing is your schedule with various responsibilities, tasks, and things to be done, the simple laughter of kids is like a “torchlight” of pure joy which cannot be polluted by anything. They are those dashingly wonderful dabs of colours that make life scenes of smile and innocence in every laughing.

I think I just re-watch the whole show from the beginning by catching the glimpse of over 26 adorable faces. It’s a universe forever loaded with unfathomable curiosity and childlike innocence. The inborn acts, smiles, which is the most beautiful and common meanings among all ages, is the symbolic statements of the childhood joy.

A kindness of a child’s smile is equivalent to none spoken words, it can turn the darkest days into the best ones with only the touch of love and joy. Subtle lembrances such as the glint in their eyes and the shape of their smile brought home clearly that they were all so happy to be alive and discovering the world with green eyes and one curiosity after another.

Besides experiencing joy, children bring happiness and even increase it with each laugh and smile. Children accumulate happiness creating artistic kaleidoscopes of joy from their laughter and smiling. Not only do they turn their faces to me showing different emotions which I have never even begin to imagine- like the twinkle in their eyes or the soft smile on their lips. Every kid’s smile as well as overall facial expression depicts how there is always a happiness source within them.

There is a deep truth behind every child’s smile: love is what makes people happy. The warm embrace of parents and the constant support of family are what make a child’s eyes shine with happiness. Children grow like spring flowers when they are loved, and their happiness fills the air like music.

As we look at the over 26 cute faces that are beaming with happiness, let us remember what a great gift youth is. Let us treasure these rare times of innocence and wonder, and let them be a light of hope in a world that is often troubled. Let’s weave a fabric of love and laughter so that every family can enjoy the timeless beauty of bright smiles.

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