How to Find the Best Auto Insurance for Low Income Families

For families with little money and a limited amount of income, buying auto insurance can be an important financial burden. A household budget that is already tight can become unmanageably tight due to premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. Low income families can lower their auto insurance costs without compromising the level of protection they need, though. When money is tight, the advice in this article will help you locate the best and most affordable auto insurance coverage.

Look for Insurers Offering Income-Based Discounts

Finding companies who provide discounts depending on income level is one of the most effective ways to cut auto insurance prices. These income-based discounts are now available from several reliable insurance companies, including Geico, Allstate, Progressive, and State Farm, to help make plans more reasonable for those with lower incomes. State and insurer-specific income requirements and discounts can vary, but typically offer significant savings above standard prices. For instance, some insurers may provide 40% off of premiums to customers with annual incomes under $30,000. The best potential for savings can be found by comparing income-based discounts offered by different carriers.

Ask About Premium Reductions for Low Mileage Drivers

Driving fewer miles every year can also translate into lower insurance rates. Most standard policies base rates on averages of 12,000 miles driven annually. If your family drives significantly less than that due to work-from-home arrangements, retirement, unemployment or other factors, bringing this to your insurer’s attention may qualify you for a low mileage discount. A vehicle driven 5,000 miles or less per year could save 10% or more. Combining this discount with income reductions can magnify the savings. Make sure to track mileage to provide proof to your carrier.

See If You Qualify for State-Sponsored Low Income Programs

Several states including California, New Jersey and New York offer specially designated low cost auto insurance programs for qualifying lower income residents. These state-sponsored plans partner with private insurers to provide basic liability coverage and uninsured motorist protection at substantially reduced rates. Household income, number of vehicles and types of coverage vary by program. But they provide a valuable option for minimum required insurance at the lowest possible cost in eligible states.  

Find Insurers With Accident Forgiveness Policies

Accidents can happen to the most careful of drivers. But for low income families, even a minor incident can spike premiums to unaffordable levels when it’s time to renew coverage. Seeking out carriers that offer accident forgiveness can provide protection. These policies allow one at-fault accident claim without hiking your rates. This shields your premium from increasing, keeping costs stable. Geico, Liberty Mutual and Allstate are leading insurers providing accident forgiveness.

Compare prices from various carriers by shopping around.

The best way to locate affordable auto insurance options is to compare quotes from a range of national and regional insurance companies. Rates can vary widely between insurers for the same applicant due to proprietary rating factors and risk analysis models. Leveraging online quote tools makes it easy to input your details once and receive customized quotes from insurers competing for your business. Compare not just premium estimates but also discount opportunities, policy coverages and customer satisfaction ratings.

Maintain Good Credit to Keep Premiums Affordable

A clean credit history can have a big impact on auto insurance costs. Insurers use credit-based insurance scores derived from credit reports as a factor in pricing. Maintaining good credit by consistently paying bills on time, limiting debt and avoiding defaults keeps your credit score higher. This translates into lower premiums. For low income households, prioritizing good credit is key to controlling insurance costs. Check reports regularly for errors that could negatively impact your score.

Inquire About Usage-Based Insurance Plans

Usage-based or pay-per-mile auto insurance bases premium charges on actual vehicle use. Rates factor when, where and how far you drive as recorded by telematics devices or mobile apps. This can benefit low mileage drivers, allowing you to precisely align insurance costs with usage. Ask insurers about availability of pay-per-mile coverage and potential savings for your household’s driving patterns. Though not offered everywhere, it provides another option to control insurance costs.

Reduce Coverage to Just State Minimum Requirements

Dropping optional coverages can pare down insurance premium expenses. Consider whether collision, comprehensive, rental reimbursement, roadside assistance or other add-ons are truly necessities for your family. Opting for just core liability and uninsured motorist coverage required by your state allows putting minimal funds towards bare essential insurance requirements. Revisiting needs when renewing policies helps determine what’s affordable versus desirable. But be careful not to cut too much because you don’t want to be underinsured.

Take Advantage of Group Insurance Rates

Securing auto insurance under an employer, alumni, professional, fraternal or other group plan is a simple way to enjoy lower premiums. Insurers offer reduced group rates to attract pooled business, passing savings on to participating members. Make sure to inquire about available group insurance options you may qualify to have access to affordable rates negotiated for the plan. Combining this with other discounts can maximize savings.

Enroll in Defensive Driving Courses for Savings

Completing an approved defensive driving course can earn a discount on auto insurance premiums. Refreshing driving skills helps reduce risk of accidents that drive up claim costs. Insurers reward course completion with premium reductions up to 10% that last for a few years. Look for state approved courses offered by local driving schools and AAA clubs that meet insurer requirements. The time commitment earns a return via lower rates.

Exclude Teenage Drivers to Lower Family Rates

Adding inexperienced teenage drivers to your policy causes premiums to jump significantly due to their higher risk profile. If possible, wait to add teens until they’ve completed sufficient training and your finances allow absorbing the hit of higher premiums. Most insurers don’t charge for drivers with permits if they aren’t behind the wheel. Keeping them off your policy protects rates. But when they do start driving, find discounts like good student and driver training for savings.

Final Thoughts

The cost of auto insurance takes a big bite out of limited incomes. But utilizing these tips can help low income families locate more affordable coverage. Prioritizing discounts, adjusting coverage, improving driving skills and shopping policies carefully allows securing the best insurance deal given your budget. Maintaining adequate protection at reasonable cost provides vital peace of mind.

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