How a 6-year-old boy and his new baby brother made their first touching move

“Mikey always knew that his little brother was on its way; it was only the matter of time.” This brother, who is six years old, was very nice to him.

Since everyone knows that Mikey Marotta has wanted a brother or sister for as long as he can remember. Jessica and Mikey’s mother, Mrs. Marotta, and her husband, Michael, thought they would never be able to fulfill their son’s dream after having trouble getting pregnant and losing the baby in the first trimester of 2017.

Marotta added, “We had a heart to heart one night and are satisfied as the trio family.” “We told Mike that it was okay for him not to have a baby brother whenever he asked when he would get to see his little brother.He would cry and then say, “I don’t need a boy brother for my sons because we have Dillinger, our dog.”

Marotta was the next person to get a “happy surprise.” In the summer of 2017, she had a healthy baby. The Massabuese family couldn’t keep their son from seeing the great result they had.

Marotta said, “When Mikey heard that, he cried and was the happiest he’d ever been.” “And when we told him it was a boy, he wasn’t really happy or upset.” He said, “Of course I’m going to have a brother; that’s what I’ve been asking for.” There was no doubt in his mind that the big brother was fully prepared.Marotta said, “He talked with his brother about what he might dress up as next year with his 5-year-old brother while they were trick-or-treating on the street.” “He had a lot of ideas.” He said, “I will save this other one for my little brother” when he had an extra thing or two of them.

Mikey knew what his life would be like and whether he would be with his sister or brother.

Marotta laughed and said, “He thinks that because I ate too much buffalo chicken while I was pregnant with him.” He kept telling me to eat buffalo chicken so that I could have a baby with red hair. This news shocked Mikey because his brother was born nine weeks early and had to stay in the NICU for 120 days.

Before her second boy, Jake, was born in March via emergency C-section, Marotta was watched over in the operating room for a few weeks. She was told she had fetal growth restriction, a problem with growth during pregnancy that makes the baby grow more slowly. Marotta said, “Mikey saw Jake for the first time in the NIDU and his face showed fear and confusion.” The father then said, “His first words were, ‘He has red hair like me!'”

“We told him what every button, wire, beep, and alarm meant,” said Marotta. “And Mikey knew how important skin-to-skin contact was for the baby because we talked a lot about how I did it with him when he was a baby.”It was great to bond skin to skin. It’s crazy how close Mikey and Jake are, says Marotta. Jake is almost 5 months old now. She stated, “When Jake hears Mikey’s voice, his little ear twists and turns to look for him.” Jake smiled at Mikey first. Mikey was the only person who could make Jake smile for a while.

Marotta told Love What Matters about her kids not long ago. It makes her happy to see how close the two boys are. Marotta added, “Mikey always tells Jake he loves him and sings him songs he writes.” He says things like, “You are a part of me, and I will never let anything bad happen to you.” In his pocket, he also carries a picture of Jake.

“I think Mikey always knew deep down that his little brother was going to show up.” “Now or never”

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