Helen Flanagan ‘Emotionally Drained’ as She Confirms ‘Difficult Relationship’ with Ex

Famous for her work on the hit soap drama “Coronation Street,” Helen Flanagan recently talked about her challenges in a “difficult relationship” with her former spouse. The actress talked about her emotional journey and how it affected her wellbeing. She has been open about her personal life on social media.

Helen Flanagan shared with her Instagram followers the emotional toll her previous relationship had taken on her in a touching post. “I’ve been feeling emotionally drained lately,” she stated in a post. “It’s been a challenging time dealing with a difficult relationship and trying to move forward.”

Matilda, Delilah, and Charlie are the three children that Helen and her ex-partner, Scott Sinclair, had together. Their relationship has become even more difficult as a result of co-parenting. “Co-parenting is hard, especially when there are unresolved issues,” Helen said. “But I’m committed to making it work for the sake of our kids.”

The actress has not hesitated to ask her friends, family, and mental health specialists for support. Her words, “Talking to someone has really helped,” were genuine. “It’s important to reach out when you’re struggling, whether it’s to a friend, family member, or therapist.”

Fans of Helen showed their overwhelming support for her in her frank post. She received a lot of appreciation for being brave and honest in discussing her hardships. “Helen, you’re not alone,” a fan said. “It takes a lot of strength to open up about such personal issues.”

Helen has hope for the future in spite of the obstacles. “My kids and myself are my priorities,” she declared. “It’s about taking one day at a time and finding peace within.” She also added that she’s been delighted to share her latest projects with her fan base.

Helen stressed the value of taking care of oneself when things are hard. “It’s important to take care of yourself,” she said. “Whether it’s through exercise, meditation, or simply taking a break, self-care helps you stay grounded and resilient.”


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