Heartwarming Victory: The Touching Moment of a Father Embracing His Rainbow Baby That Moved the World.

It should never be a parent’s experience to lose a child. Regretfully, miscarriages occur frequently; the Mayo Clinic estimates that between 10 and 20 percent of pregnancies terminate in miscarriage, and that figure only includes women who were aware of their pregnancy at the time of the loss.

Because of this, the poignancy of having a kid after experiencing a previous loss is very different. Hunter and Hope Madden, a couple who had endured protracted infertility issues and multiple miscarriages, recently welcomed the birth of their daughter. Try not to cry when you look at these stunning images of the Maddens; their birth photos are going viral on the internet due to their extreme emotional depth.

Evelyn is the couple’s “rainbow baby,” a child born to a couple following the loss of a pregnancy, and she was born on March 11, according to TODAY. The Madden family had previously experienced two miscarriages that ended before term and one death that occurred after term when a scan of their son, Owen, showed that he had no heartbeat. The new parents had done multiple rounds of fertility treatments in their quest to become pregnant. 

Hunter Madden talked of the worry the couple faced before giving birth to Evelyn, saying that they were filled with “cautious optimism” and fear at every doctor’s appointment regarding the pregnancy’s chances of continuing to term. As Hope put it, “We were very much prepared for the worst […],” she agreed. And I believe that’s how my whole pregnancy was. We were simply waiting for the floor to give way beneath us at all times.

Leilani Rogers, a birth photographer based in Austin, Texas, recorded all of the photographs of Evelyn’s birth, and you can feel their relief and happiness at finally seeing their baby girl, who was born alive and healthy. Especially moving is a portrait of Hunter sobbing and hugging his little daughter to his bare chest. As he cradles his child in the picture, Hunter’s memorial tattoo honoring his son—a tree with an anchor at the base—is apparent.

“The instant, unwavering love I felt for her at her birth is something I will never forget. My love for Hope and our kid is what you’re seeing in those photos,” Hunter told TODAY. “I was overcome with gratitude for finally being able to become a father, and I could not believe I was allowed to hold something so perfect.”

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