Heartwarming Reunion: Gray Bear Embraces Woman in North American Forest, Displaying Unbreakable Bond After 5 Years Apart.

I was intrigued to see the same phrase—”embracing the bear”—in Terry Tempest William’s Unspoken Hunger (discussed yesterday), where it has a slightly different but related meaning. I’ve long used the term for those moments when I’m moving forward into something I fear, but I don’t want fear to stop me. Williams describes Marian Engle’s Bear, a highly distinctive and memorable novel that depicts a woman and a bear “in an erotics of place,” evoking the myths that are told all across the world about animal brides and grooms, in a stunning essay about women and bears.

Whether or not the bear is perceived as male or female is irrelevant.The two have a crazy, sensuous relationship.

“The woman says, ‘Bear, take me to the bottom of the ocean with you, Bear, swim with me, Bear, put your arms around me, enclose me, swim, down, down, down, with me.’

” ‘Bear,’ she says suddenly, ‘come dance with me.’

“They make love. Afterwards, ‘She felt pain, but it was a dear sweet pain that belonged not to mental suffering, but to the earth.’

William claims that she as well

“has experienced the anguish that results from appreciating beauty, anguish we experience when we consider our connections and the fragility of our relationships. My writing is driven by this compassion that arises from a connection to location. Composing turns becomes a compassionate gesture toward life, which we frequently choose not to acknowledge because we fear that our pain would never cease if we look or feel too closely. However, words give us strength, help us to overcome our pain, and set us free. This is the literary sorcery. Our tales help to cure us.

By undressing, exposing, and embracing the bear, we undress, expose, and embrace our authentic selves. Stripped free from society’s oughts and shoulds, we emerge as emancipated beings. The bear is free to roam….

Women and bears are incredibly unpredictable animals, which is why we are creatures of paradox; it is why we are mysterious. Maybe the reason why people dread bears and women is because we won’t go along with it, because of the forces we stand for, the urges we stir, and the fact that we are earthly women who are both strong and nurturing, wicked and majestic. The entire spectrum is ours. We have fire in our souls and the moon in our bellies. We bleed. We offer milk. The mothers of first words are us. These terms expand. They are our kids. These are our poems and our stories.

Words: Terry Tempest Willians’s An Unspoken Spoken Hunger: Stories from the Field (Pantheon, 1994) contains the passage above.

Photographs: All rights retained by Moscow-based Russian surrealist photographer Katerina Plotnikova, whose pictures are featured above. The pen-and-ink drawings are by an unidentified Victorian illustrator.

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