Heartwarming moments shared with an African boy radiate joy to onlookers, illuminating the profound power of human connection and cultural exchange.

Photographer Nilza Rejane, 53, took various positions of him while he slept in a studio in Gravataí, in the Porto Alegre Metropolitan Region, while he was watched closely by his mother.

The baby, who is the son of Haitian immigrants, was born in the city of Rio Grande do Sul on a pavement. The 39-year-old mother, Judith Fleurissaint Baguidy, even walked for forty minutes to reach the birthing center, but she was late and had to give birth on the side of the road. 

When photographer Nilza Rejane learned about young Waldo’s story, she was affected. Officers Luan and Luana from the police, who happened to be passing by, helped with the birth. “This anecdote really resonated with me. I was overcome with emotion when I noticed the news of his birth on the pavement. “I knew it was him,” the photographer exclaims.

She phoned the journalist who had covered the story after learning of Waldo’s birth and requested the phone number of the child’s parents. Nilza desired to take pictures of the newborn for the baby. Of course, without charge.

“I stumbled onto the piece on the internet while I was at the studio. Then, as Nilza explains, “even though it’s a lovely scene, he could have another image of his birth in a few years.”

“The story touched me,” she says.

The spouse of Judith works in a bakery and is unable to skip work. The baby was brought to the session by its mother, a domestic worker who is on leave, and it commenced at approximately nine in the morning and ended early in the afternoon.

“Judith was very nervous and stayed by my side the entire time, worrying about Waldo,” the photographer recalled.

She goes on to say that the “Newborn” test is typically administered within the first ten days of a baby’s existence, during which time their bodies are at their most flexible and they sleep the deepest. Allow the mother to nurse and change the baby’s diaper in between each image. Rhythm is the baby who is in charge.

“I’m in love with him; he’s an angel,” the photographer says with admiration.

At the conclusion of the session, Judith happily consented to be filmed beside her son. The family will receive a 20-page photo album containing all of the baby’s greatest moments.

She only said, “Thank you,” and her Portuguese is not very good. She also smiled broadly as she said “thank you.” Nilza says, “She didn’t need to say anything else.”

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