He might not have all of his arms and legs, but I think he’s perfect.

The mother of a son who was and had an ideal boyfriend said she had never thought of herself as an ideal boyfriend. Henry Higgs, who is 11 months old now, likes to play in the attic and reach for his toys.

The mother, Rosie Higgs, was told that her daughter might have an amniotic sac and was healthy at 20 weeks. Family and friends have asked her if she should end the pregnancy because of the big health problems he will have. But Rosie, a mother of three from Harrow in North London, is sure she is having a boy.

Indie artists may have hard lives with lots of limits, so she said, “I didn’t listen.” I had a lot of stress and worry. There are some things that Henry can’t do because of his limitations, but I have no doubt that he will still live a good and happy life. Peter and I both agreed that Henry deserved a chance. Peter was happy, and we all agreed on everything.

We know that we can’t end the pregnancy. I’m sure Henry will be fine because I work with kids who have special needs every day. It can be scary to be pregnant at times. I had scans every week for a few weeks, and they kept a close eye on me. To make things even worse, Rosie La²’s loving mother Pa²la, who is 55 years old, may go to the north because of the global pandemic.

“It was terrible not having my mom there with me, especially since I knew Henry was in a lot of danger,” Rosie continued. Lucky for us, the nurse is just amazing. The midwives asked me if I wanted to meet Henry right away because I was so nervous and stressed out following the birth.

Scan results can only teach you so much. It was a bit of a surprise, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from Orr when he first showed up. Henry was healthy when he was born on May 13 at London’s Northick Park Hospital. He weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces. Henry was moved to the side while his 39-year-old father Peter, who is in charge of Emirates’ seats and services, went to see him first.

I fell in love with him as soon as Peter introduced him to me. He’s making great growth and is very happy with his life. His talk in the morning made me feel good. Henry is happy and likes singing in his high chair, so we should do some exercise. He likes to talk and has a mischievous smile that won’t go away. He loves his bigger sister very much. He’s perfect for me, even though he doesn’t have all of his arms and legs.

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