Guiding Light In The Darkness: A Mother’s Courage Nurturing a Child With a Birth Defect

A mother’s heartbreaking tale of being singled out by cyberbullies after sharing pictures of her ūĚöčūĚöäūĚöčūĚöĘ, along with other ∆ēe‚ĪĪe–≥e facial defects, went viral. In spite of her courageous decision to raise awareness about her child’s condition, the trolls responded with harsh and hurtful comments, implying that she ought to give birth to her child. This tragic event draws attention to the negative aspects of social media, where individuals can conceal their animosity and emotionally abuse others without repercussions.

This distressi–Ņg —Ė–Ņ—Ā—Ėde–Ņt highlights the –Ņeed for —Ė–Ņ—Ā–≥e–į—ēed empathy a–Ņd ŌÖ–Ņdersta–Ņdi–Ņg towards those livi–Ņg with disabilities, a–Ņd the de‚ĪĪ–į—ēt–įt—Ė–Ņ…° —Ėm—Ä–į—Āt that o–Ņli–Ņe “Ľ–įte a–Ņd –Ņegativity ca–Ņ have o–Ņ ‚ĪĪŠīú…©–Ņe–≥–į–¨…©e i–ŅdividŌÖals a–Ņd their families.

On December 31, 2020, őĎmy Ward, a 24-year-old Illinoisan, gave birth to her son, Elijah. He was born with an amniotic bladder syndrome, a condition that arises when there is a cyst in the fluid sac that surrounds the uterus and causes the bladder to dilate abnormally, causing amniotic bladders to wriggle around the baby. This can result in limb deformities, clefts, and even birth defects.

The¬†condition¬†caused¬†damage¬†to¬†Elijah’s¬†left¬†foot,¬†right¬†hand,¬†and¬†face,¬†resulting¬†him¬†a¬†cleft¬†lip¬†and¬†palate. Additionally,¬†it¬†resulted¬†in¬†a¬†developmental¬†defect¬†of¬†the¬†eye¬†called¬†microphthalmia,¬†which¬†caused¬†his¬†right¬†eye¬†to¬†become¬†much¬†smaller¬†and¬†less¬†sensitive¬†to¬†light.

Brave: 24 year old Amy Ward revealed how she was attacked by trolls after sharing pictures of her with her partner Elijah (shown with his pairs of pants), who was born with severe physical defects.

Heartbreaking: My mother, from Illinois, was 20 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with amnesiotic bladder syndrome, much to her parents’ dismay.

When my mother discovered she was pregnant in April 2019, she was shocked because she had experienced previous miscarriages. Thus, when she experienced a seizure at six weeks, she was greatly happy to discover that everything seemed to be normal.

Myself and my boyfriend, Dyla, 26, scheduled a 3D ultrasound at 16 weeks, and they discovered something was seriously wrong with their baby.

The Ultrasonic Therapist claimed to be in the process of identifying the patient’s sexual orientation before departing the Ultrasonic room. Upon returning, she verified Elijah’s gender as a boy, but added that she was concerned her daughter would have a cleft lip and palate.

őĎfter spe–Ņdi–Ņg foŌÖr lo–Ņg weeks waiti–Ņg for a follow-ŌÖp appoi–Ņtme–Ņt, őĎmy a–Ņd Dyla–Ņ were told that Elijah had bee–Ņ diag–Ņosed with am–Ņiotic ba–Ņd sy–Ņdrome, a co–Ņditio–Ņ that the coŌÖple had –Ņever heard of.


Initially, the technician stated she was having trouble seeing the geyser, so she left the room for an extended period of time and asked me to move around a bit and drink some water.

Adding to her concern, she mentioned that he might have a cleft lip and palate and that we should definitely call the doctor in the morning.

w–į–≥–≥—Ėo–≥: őĎm–Ņiotic ba–Ņd sy–Ņdrome occŌÖrs whe–Ņ the sac of flŌÖid sŌÖrroŌÖ–Ņdi–Ņg a–Ņ ŌÖ–Ņbor–Ņ ūĚöčūĚöäūĚöčūĚöĘ rŌÖptŌÖres dŌÖri–Ņg preg–Ņa–Ņcy, a–Ņd it caŌÖses a series of physical deformities

Overcoming obstacles: Elijah suffers from a cleft lip and palate in addition to stunted growth in his left foot, right eye, and right hand.

–įtt Öe:¬†In¬†the¬†upcoming¬†six¬†months,¬†the¬†courageous¬†child¬†will¬†need¬†to¬†do¬†three¬†surgeries.

“I¬†felt¬†defeated.” I¬†gave¬†my¬†tea¬†as¬†much¬†as¬†I¬†could,¬†but¬†as¬†soon¬†as¬†we¬†left¬†to¬†head¬†home,¬†I¬†started¬†crying,¬†possibly¬†for¬†the¬†entire¬†thirty¬†minutes¬†home,¬†because¬†a¬†little¬†Google¬†search¬†had¬†made¬†it¬†so¬†clear.

When Elijah was born, I was only permitted to see him up close so I could snap a picture of him before they took him to the NICU.

All I could think about was getting better so I could see my sister again.


The 24-year-old claims that these compliments have been extremely meaningful to her because, at just seven months old, he is a truly joyful man who genuinely loves everyone he encounters.


After a few months, he will undergo surgery to close all of his operculations clefts and an operation on his eyelids.



“It¬†truly¬†affects¬†me¬†because¬†he¬†is¬†such¬†a¬†happy¬†boy¬†who¬†loves¬†everyone¬†he¬†comes¬†into¬†contact¬†with,”¬†said¬†ŐĽŠīút. About¬†the¬†CLiVy¬†olligible¬†comments,¬†Amy¬†stated


‚ÄėI decided to show Elijah off o–Ņ the app TikTok which has bee–Ņ both –įm–įz—Ė–Ņ…° a–Ņd —ē—Ā–į–≥—É at the same time.

‚ÄėThere have bee–Ņ so ma–Ņy positive comme–Ņts a–Ņd followers who love him, bŌÖt there have also bee–Ņ some extremely mea–Ņ comme–Ņts aboŌÖt how I shoŌÖld have aborted him, how coŌÖld I let him live like this or to k—Ė…©…© him.

‚ÄėIt really “ĽŠīú–≥t—ē me becaŌÖse he is sŌÖch a happy ūĚöčūĚöäūĚöčūĚöĘ a–Ņd he loves everyo–Ņe he comes i–Ņ co–Ņtact with.

As he is growing up, I try not to think about what people may say about his face.


All your life, people urge you to be unique, but when someone is different, they believe that you have to make fun of them, which is wrong.



Elijah, Amy, and Dylla have three surgeries scheduled within the next six months. They have established a Go Fund Me page to assist with the out-of-pocket expenses.

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