Explore Sinikiwe Kademaunga’s journey of love: The remarkable life story of a Zimbabwean woman born without arms and legs.

On social media, motivational speaker Sinikiwe Kademaunga showed off a baby bump, which made her fans send her messages of hope and support.

She lost her first child in 2021 when she went into labor suddenly at seven months.

A lot of people are happy for Kademaunga and her husband Reuben Zhiva and hope that things will go well between the mother and child this time.

Nadiasoundjock commented, “I hope they take good care of you this time, beauty.”

“Wow, Sniki. You look great. I’m so glad for you. May the Good Lord take you to bigger and better things. We care about you. “And your husband is so great,” wrote @christianoz12345.

Someone named @tarigomugarisi5316 wrote, “This is beautiful! Congrats girl! Best of luck on your journey.”

“May the All-Powerful God be with you on this trip… “I pray that the birth goes well and the baby is healthy,” wrote @agnesdzingirai7812.

This Wednesday, Sinikiwe, who goes by the name “The Confidence Coach,” posted pictures of her growing baby bump on Instagram and a video of her on YouTube.

Sinikiwe has always been very smart and busy, even though she was born without any limbs.

She got 10 points at “A” Level after getting three As, four Bs, and one C at “O” Level. She then went to the University of Cape Town to study social work.

Many people around the world look up to the disability advocate and digital artist because of her YouTube channel, where she tells her life story in an honest and open way that people love.

In October 2021, Kademaunga and Reuben got married.

Instead of the usual wedding ring, Reuben put a necklace in the shape of a ring around Sinikiwe’s neck during their wedding.

From the Zimbabwe International Women’s Award comes the Courage Award, which goes to Sinikiwe.

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