Embracing Love: Tender Moments of Mothers with Their Precious Angels

The decision to have the experience captured on camera is very personal, and birth photography is a very specialized field. It includes giving birth, the surroundings, the parents, and everyone there. Birth photography honors family, captures the magic of bringing a new life into the world, and brings tears of joy. Professional photographers in this sector utilize their craft to tell the story of birth.

The 2017 contest winners are now public. The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers selected the top images that best capture the difficulties faced by moms during childbirth. See how life begins and the emotions that these new parents are going through when seeing these images.

“I’ve Been Watching For You Since Yesterday” – Mendez, Vanessa Birthshots

Best In Category: “Pieces Of Me, Birth Details” – Kourtnie Scholz

“That Initial Look” – Parents and peanuts falling in love once more – Rekindling love once more – KEFilm documentary

“Are You My Mother?” – Jennifer Mason Images

Top of the Class: “Delivery, With a Hint of” – Elizabeth Farnsworth Images

First Place Winner: “Road To Deliverance” – Jaydene Freund – Cradled Creations

“Absorb” – Bailey Nicole Photography

“The First Look” – Amber Denae Photography

Honorable Mentions: “Surprise” – KimBerly E. Photography

“Beautiful Transition” – Birth Unscripted

Honorable Mentions: “Gentle Caesarean Birth” – Belle Verdiglione Photography

Honorable Mentions: “Before The First Breath” – Birth In Focus

“Birth In Colour” – Tree of Life Doula Photography

“Breathe” – Brezi Photography

Honorable Mentions: “Birth Of A Mother” – Cat Fancote – Capturing Birth

Honorable Mentions: “17 Years Of Waiting: A Non-fertility Miracle” – Ker-Fox Photography

Honorable Mentions: “Rapture” – Katie Mathis Photography

“Euphoria, Triumph” – An Infinite Moment Photography

Best In Category: “Labor, Determination” – Katie Mathis Photography

“Baby’s First Defense” – An Infinite Moment Photography

“The World Ahead” – Jessica Worland Photography”

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