Embracing Love: Tender Moments of Mothers with Their Precious Angels

In their own way, each birth is unique and important. It’s even more amazing when the baby is born “en caul,” which means the amniotic sac stays intact during the birth and the baby looks like it’s inside a bubble.

It seems that this amazing event happens “less than 1 in 80,000 births.” It is said that babies who are born with their caul still on them are lucky and have a special love for water.

What does “en caul” mean?

A baby is born with its head still in the amniotic sac. This is called a “en caul birth.” It’s amazing to see how they’re still enclosed, just like they were when they were in their mother’s uterus.

Keep the baby in the birth sac during labor and birth. This will protect the baby from contractions and make the birth more gentle.

Most babies born “en caul” are born before they should be, but doctors now recommend that babies who are likely to be born before they should have “en caul” births to give them a better start in life and keep the womb-like environment for as long as possible.

A fascinating look into a baby’s life and growth, and these few photos share the phenomenon wonderfully.

“As a birth photographer, this was such an important moment for me.” Have fun.” Says Leilani Rogers

“Being born in the caul is thought to bring good luck in many cultures! Taking pictures of it is a lot of fun!” – Photography by Melissa Cate

“Being born in the caul is thought to bring good luck in many cultures! Taking pictures of it is a lot of fun!” – Photography by Melissa Cate

“Just born in the womb.” – from Monet Photography of Nicole’s Birth

“Within a few minutes, a head with a thick bag of water around her began to come out.” She was really still when I put her on her mom’s chest. During my touch, I caught the sticky mist that covered the rest of her face. It was taken back, and I thanked her for letting me show her off. These cute babies curled up on their moms and looked out at the world. For the first few hours after she was born, she didn’t cry at all. She was amazed by the life she was given. – Lindsay Meehleis

“A stunning picture of a woman half-born in her womb.” – by Morag Hastings, a birth photographer

“Look at how cute this baby is in the caul! Did you know that your water doesn’t have to “break” all the time? The embryonic sac and membranes will start to separate whenever they are ready, or not at all if you don’t do anything. — put up by The Birth Space.

“A baby was born in the womb!” Really an amazing thing to see” – My Life and Birth of Kate Murray

I love everything about this picture—those lips and toes are so cute!

Gah!!!!! All of these hands! What a tale. What a surprise! This second picture made it into the top 100 of more than 500,000 entries in a world contest. This was an amazing event. The mother and midwife were taking the baby out of the wrapping, and the baby reached out to Mama.

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