Eloping After 6 Weeks of Dating: Bette Midler and Her Husband Are Still in Love After 39 Years

In a world where relationships often fizzle out quickly, Bette Midler and Martin von Haselberg’s love story stands out as a testament to the power of true love and commitment. After dating for just six short weeks, Bette proposed to Martin, and they eloped. Now, after 39 years of marriage, they are still going strong and more in love than ever.

Bette Midler, the multi-talented actress and singer, met Martin von Haselberg, an artist and performance artist, in 1984. Their connection was instantaneous. Just six weeks into their relationship, Bette knew that Martin was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Defying conventional wisdom, she proposed to him, and the couple decided to elope.

Their spontaneous decision to marry quickly was met with surprise by many, but Bette and Martin were confident in their love. Their whirlwind romance and hasty marriage might have raised eyebrows, but it also set the stage for one of Hollywood’s most enduring love stories.

So, what is the secret to their lasting marriage? According to Bette, mutual respect, communication, and a good sense of humor have played crucial roles. Over the years, they have faced their share of challenges, but their unwavering support for each other has helped them navigate through tough times.

In interviews, Bette often speaks about the importance of laughter in their relationship. She believes that Martin’s ability to make her laugh has been a key factor in keeping their bond strong. The couple’s shared interests and passions have also helped them grow together over the years.

Throughout their marriage, both Bette and Martin have enjoyed successful careers. Bette’s illustrious career spans music, film, and theater, with numerous awards and accolades to her name. Martin, on the other hand, is best known for his work as one half of the performance art duo, The Kipper Kids. Despite their demanding careers, they have always made time for each other and prioritized their relationship.

Their love story is not just about their personal lives but also about their professional collaborations. Martin has often supported Bette’s career, and their mutual admiration for each other’s work has only strengthened their bond.

Over the years, Bette and Martin have celebrated numerous milestones together. From anniversaries and birthdays to professional achievements, they have always been each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Their ability to celebrate each other’s successes and support each other through failures has been a cornerstone of their relationship.

In 2014, the couple celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a lavish party attended by family and friends. The event was a testament to their enduring love and commitment to each other. Now, as they approach their 40th anniversary, their love story continues to inspire many.

Bette Midler and Martin von Haselberg’s love story is a beautiful reminder that true love knows no bounds. Their decision to marry after just six weeks of dating may have seemed impulsive to some, but it was a decision rooted in genuine love and mutual respect. Their 39 years of marriage stand as a testament to their deep connection and unwavering commitment to each other.

In a world where relationships often face numerous challenges, Bette and Martin’s story is a beacon of hope. It shows that with love, respect, humor, and dedication, it is possible to build a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Their journey together continues to inspire many, proving that true love can stand the test of time.


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