“Delving into the Marvels of Identical Triplets: Parental Perspectives and Valuable Guidance for Raising a Trio of Exceptional Children.”

Amanda and Chad Doss welcomed home their trio of identical daughters, Avery, Bentley, and Cassidy, with a simple mantra: “Oh calm down, those are simply triplet sisters.” With planning to identify the girls, they are only using a simple pink marker to make distinctions, since other differences in appearance are not quite so obvious. Example – ‘Cassidy has a visible vein on her nose. Also one of the eyelids of Bentley is red.’ But babies can alter a lot in just one day, so the Dosses choose to mark initials on their feet once they finish giving them a bath rather than rely on the birth place to create a permanent link.

The afternoon of the Franklin, Indiana couple was filled with joy as they have just welcomed Billy, 5, and Carrie, 3, into their lives. They were also the legally married couple of Chad’s two other kids, Caleb, 12, and Kaitlyn, 9. Initially, Chad and Amanda opted to limit their family number and, therefore, he got vasectomy surgery after they tied knot in 2011. In December, the unexpected Christmas bones of triplets born pre-term were a pleasant surprise that created joy and hope. The Dosses had 7 kids in a 3-bedroom house, of theirs, and on January 29, the younger two girls left the hospital, a month before Amanda’s due date.

The Dosses have adjusted to the caring for triplets although this may have chaotic at the beginning; the in-laws have come in handy. Amanda shares an insight about the necessity to organize the work while Chad admits that one should be better prepared to support each other both when they can and when the other person requires help. Caleb and Kaitlyn cannot but congratulate her parents as they have raised such wonderful daughters and both parents acknowledge this love and help.

However, tough as it is to parent this triplets, the Dosses and strengthen their bond through cooperation, laughter, and loving at the same time as celebrating their children’s growth.

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