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Insuring a classic or vintage car is not the same as insuring a modern vehicle. Due to their age, collection, and typically limited annual mileage, classic cars frequently have special insurance requirements. Footman James, a specialist in classic car insurance, understands the unique needs of these prized possessions. Continue reading to learn more about the classic car insurance coverage provided by Footman James.

The History and Heritage of Footman James

Footman James, which was founded in the United Kingdom over 50 years ago, is well-known in the classic car world for providing specialty insurance tailored to the needs of classic vehicle owners. Footman James began insuring vintage Bentleys and Lagondas and has since expanded to provide coverage for all makes and eras of collector vehicles. Their classic car insurance policies are intended to be both comprehensive and adaptable.

Footman James policies are distinguished from standard insurance by features such as agreed value, spare parts coverage, and limited mileage discounts. Their expertise in the collector car space has earned them the trust of individual owners, car clubs, and classic car events across the UK. Footman James honors the history and heritage of these unique vehicles by providing customized insurance policies to protect them.

Types of Vehicles Insured

Footman James offers insurance for an array of classic and collectible automobiles. Their plans are suited for vintage, veteran and cherished vehicles of all sorts. Some examples include:

  • Vintage cars built between 1919 – 1930
  • Classic cars built between 1931 – 1980
  • Modern classics built between 1981 – present
  • Vintage military vehicles
  • Classic motorcycles
  • Classic motorhomes & campers
  • Classic commercial vehicles
  • Classic tractors
  • Classic buses, coaches & trucks
  • Retro hot rods & custom cars

To qualify for their collector vehicle insurance, cars typically need to be 15 years or older. However, they make exceptions for special modern classics and high-value supercars. Footman James also insures iconic cars used for club rallies, events, shows and weddings. With flexible qualifications, they can cover everything from pre-war classics to rare 90s icons.

Key Policy Benefits & Options

Insuring higher-value classic vehicles requires coverage features tailored to their specific needs. Here are some of the key benefits and options offered by Footman James classic car insurance:

Agreed Value Coverage

Getting agreed value coverage is important for many collectible autos. Their policies pay out based on a mutually settled value in the event of a total loss – regardless if that exceeds the vehicle’s current market value. This guarantees what the car is insured for during the policy term.

Spare Parts & Accessories Coverage

They offer coverage for spare parts and accessories for collector vehicles. This includes aftermarket parts as well as manufacturer components for repair or restoration. Limits up to £20,000 are available.

Limited Mileage Discounts

Most collectible autos are only driven occasionally for shows, tours and events. Footman James offers discounted premiums based on annual mileage limits. This can save substantial money for cars primarily kept in storage.

Wedding Hire Use

Cars often serve as rented wedding vehicles for ceremonies, photos and newlywed send-offs. Liability coverage extends to include hired wedding use including inline with standard personal policies.

European & International Use

Driving classic cars through Europe or farther abroad requires specialized coverage beyond standard insurance. Their policies include continental use as well as EU-mandated liability minimums. Many plans have optional worldwide coverage too.

Monthly Payment Plans

Instead of large semi-annual or annual premiums, their classic car insurance can also be paid monthly. This splits costs into smaller installments for easier budgeting.

Multi-Vehicle & Collection Discounts

Insure multiple classics on one policy to save. Those with larger collections are eligible for additional premium discounts for insuring their vehicles together.

Claims Services & Repairer Network

Obtaining proper repairs is essential when a beloved classic car gets damaged. Footman James has an extensive network of repair specialists across Great Britain accustomed to working on vintage autos. Their claims managers assist in getting vehicles to the best shops quickly.

TheFast Track Repairer Network expedites repairs following any covered incident or loss. Over 150 craftsmen and dealers spanning all British regions belong to this award-winning repair network. From skilled restoration work to sourcing rare parts, the network has the capabilities to handle any collector car.

Obtaining a Classic Car Insurance Quote

Finding out premium costs for insuring your cherished vehicle starts with contacting Footman James directly for a quote. To generate the most accurate classic car insurance estimate, have your vehicle’s basic information ready including:

  • Make & model
  • Production year
  • Registration date
  • Engine size
  • Estimated value
  • Desired coverage types & limits

You can request quotes online, over the phone or through the post. Their experienced staff provides free quotes without obligation to purchase one of their specialty insurance products. However, the specific coverage, pricing and eligibility can vary between providers. So reaching out for a tailored Footman James classic car insurance quote is recommended to compare your options.


Q: Does Footman James insure any specific types of classic cars?

Footman James offers insurance for vintage, veteran, and modern classic cars, as well as motorcycles, kit cars, and military vehicles.

Q: How does Footman James calculate the worth of a classic car?

The age, make, model, condition, rarity, market value, and any modifications of a classic car are typically used to determine its value. Footman James may use professional valuations or agreed-upon value policies to determine the value of the car.

Q: Does Footman James provide agreed-upon-value policies?

Yes, Footman James offers agreed value policies, in which the insurer and policyholder agree on the value of the classic car at the start of the policy. This ensures that the agreed-upon value is paid out in the event of a total loss.

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