Christina Temitope Abiola, a YouTuber and Rutgers University alumna, posted glamorous photos of herself pregnant on Instagram that have garnered more than 2 million followers. ‎

Rutgers University alumna Christina Temitope Abiola, a YouTuber, has been posting seductive photos of herself on Instagram when she was pregnant. We’d like to extend our congratulations to Christina Temitope Abiola, the aspiring Instagram star, on the arrival of her lively daughter, Aniyah Oluwanifemi Grant.

The woman, who identifies herself “Melanin Madness” and is proudly black, published some audacious baby-bump pictures showing her stomach covered in black scars. She claimed that she was compelled to postpone the shoot until the very end of her pregnancy since she felt so awkward flaunting that to the world.

She could have avoided the photo-shoot but she wanted to keep memories of the pregnancy period just like other women do. After a long time of contemplating, she undertook the photoshoot and decided to share with her over 36,000 followers on Instagram.

Her pictures came with the stunning testimony and inspirational note which could be read below

“It is risky to have BTS insecurity. It, in my opinion, prevents us from realizing our greatest potential. I was so nervous about taking my maternity pictures. I’m very sorry, I put it off until 38 weeks along! I really did have limited time, and I wanted my memories! Initially, I requested that the photographer attempt to alter the marks. But the edit was so drastic that it appeared strange. So I said, “Don’t worry, let’s go!” I’ve been finding it difficult to accept my scores because I thought I was the only one with this level of intense experience.

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