Capture and preserve the magnificent moments of birth to be shared online.

Take pictures of the amazing moments of birth and store them so you can share them online. Posing is not done during childbirth. The best kind of documentary storytelling is birth photography because it allows you to record so many different moments. It’s all in the little things, the feelings, the hurt looks, the interspersed laughing, the poignant texts that are sent. The handshakes, the shoulder rubs, the encouraging companion, and the leaning in to support one another. 

Late last year, Facebook and Instagram stopped deleting posts featuring new babies and nursing moms, thanks to the efforts of women like Katie Vigos of the Empowered Birth Project. The social media behemoths once regarded birth photographs as excessively explicit and against their anti-nudity regulations. However, Vigos (as well as the over 23,000 signatories to her petition) felt that the platforms were perpetuating the stigma, shame, and social taboo surrounding birth by banning it.

“You either allow birth to exist on your platform, or you don’t,” Vigos stated. The petition reflects our larger goal of empowering women, which includes censoring our bodies, de-stigmatizing menstruation, empowering women to give birth with knowledge and support, and promoting bodily autonomy.

A cursory search of the hashtags #birthisbeautiful or #birthwithoutfear today yields hundreds of pictures of newborns entering the world. To demonstrate the importance of seizing the moment, we’ve selected more than 12 of the most gorgeous birth photos from some of our favorite photographers.

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