Breaking Stereotypes: Lizzy Tomber’s Acroyoga Journey Through Pregnancy.

Lizzy Tomber at the age of 31 demonstrated that she was not the one who would stay at the sidelines with difficulty of pregnancy by practicing acroyoga right before her son’s birth in February 2016. Lizzy was interested in acroyoga that involves the art of acrobatics and yoga and became a part of her daily routine, during her pregnancy condition where her abdomen was unusually big. Accompanied with her husband, Josh Young, she had taken up the energies of acroyoga, which further testified her persistence on the profession.

Acroyoga is an offshoot of yoga from India that comprises acrobatic poses that lie in between two or more people. These poses involve balance and the ability to support each other. Even though she became pregnant, Diana and her husband decided on living permanently in Washington D.C, only for Diane to consult her obstetricians before pursuing her passion for acroyoga. The doctor supported her and told her when to stop but encouraged her to not assume that pregnancy must b a condition that will low-down her physical activity if it was part of her formerly routines.

Endeavouring to keep healthy, Lizzy updated her yoga routine after the birth of David. A little prone to the superfluous activities, they often performed their acroyoga incorporating their child already as a toddler. People ages 65 and over, who have limited mobility or impaired vision, are also at risk. These groups face unique challenges to access and utilize public spaces.

The story of Lizzy, who embraced regular physical activity during pregnancy, is expected to lead people (especially women) to challenge stereotypes and continue their physical activities with enough care and professional consultation. Her tale helps to emphasize the necessity of compliance with the prescriptions of the doctors, yet this also encapsulates the idea of making one’s enthusiasm and well-being a priority when recovering from illness or disability. Lizzy achieves this by practicing right up until her last days of pregnancy. This demonstration of the incredible power of the human body during this time and will enlighten others so as to inspire them rethink their expectations during this crucial period of a woman’s life.

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