Barbra Streisand Says She ‘Can’t Live in This Country’ if Donald Trump Wins 2024 Presidential Election

Legendary singer and actress Barbra Streisand has never been shy about expressing her political views.Known for her powerful voice both on and off the stage, Streisand has made headlines once again with her strong statements regarding former President Donald Trump. After criticizing Trump in her song “Don’t Lie to Me,” Streisand has reiterated her disdain for the Republican front-runner for the 2024 presidential election, stating that she would leave the United States if he were re-elected.

In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Streisand did not hold back her feelings about Trump. She called him “so stupid” and “ill-informed,” expressing her frustration with his leadership style and policies. Streisand said, “I can’t live in this country if he becomes president.” This bold statement reflects her deep concerns about the direction the country could take under another Trump administration.

This isn’t the first time Streisand has threatened to leave the country over Trump’s potential presidency. She made similar remarks during the 2016 election, joining a number of celebrities who vowed to flee to Canada, Europe, or even Jupiter if Trump won. Despite these strong declarations, most celebrities, including Streisand, remained in the United States after Trump’s victory.

Streisand’s song “Don’t Lie to Me” is a direct critique of Trump’s presidency. Released in 2018, the song addresses what Streisand sees as dishonesty and corruption in the Trump administration. The lyrics and the accompanying music video are a passionate plea for truth and integrity in leadership, showcasing Streisand’s political activism through her art.

Streisand is not alone in her political activism. Many celebrities use their platforms to voice their opinions and influence public discourse. During the 2016 election, stars like Cher, Miley Cyrus, and Lena Dunham also threatened to leave the country if Trump was elected. These threats, while often not carried out, highlight the intense emotions and divisions that Trump’s candidacy and presidency have stirred in Hollywood and beyond.

Public reaction to Streisand’s comments has been mixed. Supporters of Streisand praise her for speaking out against Trump and using her platform to advocate for change. Critics, however, argue that such statements are divisive and dismiss them as empty threats. The polarizing nature of Trump’s political career continues to evoke strong responses from both his supporters and detractors.

Streisand’s statements reflect a broader trend of celebrity involvement in politics. As public figures with significant influence, celebrities can shape public opinion and bring attention to important issues. While some argue that celebrities should stay out of politics, others believe they have a responsibility to use their platforms for advocacy.

As the 2024 election approaches, it is likely that more celebrities will weigh in on the candidates and issues. Streisand’s comments are just one example of how high-profile individuals are engaging with the political process. Whether or not her threat to leave the country is carried out, Streisand’s outspoken criticism of Trump underscores the ongoing debate about the role of celebrities in politics.


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