Attracting many people: Adorable albino twins dominate the fashion and beauty realm with their irresistible charm.

Two lovely albino twins are creating a sensation in front of a society where people consider beauty a substance for staying in the limelight. It is here in Mind Blowing Facts that you get to meet the two sisters, Lara and Mara. The center of attention or the subject of the photo project Rare Flowers are the twins who live in São Paulo, Brazil. The immortal beauty of this couple of brothers was depicted by photographer Vinicius Terranova. Although they are not yet 12 years old, they have already created a commotion by accepting their unusual genetic condition. This illness is only found once out of every 17,000 newborns. Photographer Vinicius Terranova’s Flores Raras series was the children’s major debut thanks to it.

The lack of the color in the skin, hair, and eyes, either entirely or partially, is the result of a congenital condition known as albinism. It is a matter of opposite melanism and may occur due to inheritance of the recessive gene alleles. A child has a 1 in 17000 chance of being born with albinism. The possibility that two albinos will be born is so rare that comprehending it is nearly impossible. Lara and Mara Bawar, who are sisters; they are eleven years old and were born in São Paulo, Brazil, actually come from Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.

The probability of both twins being born with albinism is so small as to be beyond belief. With all this being said, the girls that are chosen are indeed the most “rare flowers” and the fashion industry embraces them. Vinicius Terranova, a photographer from Switzerland, who lives in São Paulo, found their unusual white features in 2016.

According to his series of pics dedicated to the ladies, Terranova comments: “My major point here is to show that being different is far from being bad.” In fact, having an attribute which marks you out among others adds to your appeal and expresses your individuality. It expresses not only their breathtaking appearance but also the scope of their diversity. Everyone knows that a lot of famous photographers will want to photograph these 11-year-old Brazilian girls that are living in an ordinary household, because they are so stunning. As her personal project, Terranova made pictures of the girls, and the collection was named Flores Raras, which means “rare flowers” in Portuguese.

“Being unique is what makes you even more attractive and everything more appealing; it will never diminish your value.” – Terranova Vinicius

With regard to Flores Raras, he said, “My art is about diversity and both the concrete and metaphorical aspects of power.” The twins have already got a number of modeling jobs with companies and fashion magazines to mention a few.

They have endorsement deals with Bazaar Kids, Insanis, and Nike. “We see albinism as beautiful. We love our skin tone, hair, and the color of our eyes,” said Lara to the Brazilian media.

Sheila is the twin’s sister. “This has made our lives wonderful, we are distinctive and we just want to be like this,” the speaker added.

Flores Raras has meaning as “Rare Flowers” in English language. The project commenced by me portraying three black sisters of which two were the twins who had albinism. My true passion is to create art that captures the contradictions and possibilities that lay in globalization. It’s been this way ever since I was born. Analyze how being different is not at all a problem is the main objective of this. However, the appearance of the same feature that differs you from the others never makes you inferior or less popular. Sheila has been branded as a model along with her younger siblings although albinism doesn’t affect her.

Sheila shared with us how the family got really gratify when the beauty of the family was being loved for its snowflake-like features.

Their different look intertwines in a harmony as it should in the world of any society, and their attractiveness cannot be compared and complement each other.- Terranova Vinicius.

Instagram connect you with your sister’s s ballooning careers and that of your elder sister Sheila.

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