At 20, Leicester barista Chloe Hurst begins mom. Chloe eagerly awaits her second kid, due next month, as Ru turns one. She handles youth problems and challenges among the excitement. Chloe’s story shows resilience and the power of ageless love.

Chloe Hurst, 20, from Leicester, used to work as a bartender. She is now a mom to Ru, who just turned one, and is expecting her second kid next month. Chloe got pregnant again only two months after giving birth because she loved having a baby so much.

The year was August 2020. She had her first child three weeks before the birth. But she was only 18, and Billy Bailey, her partner, is now 23. They met on a night out in December 2019, eight months before. It was in their city of Leicester. She got pregnant after taking a test. She was scared and worried because she was too young.

But even though the baby was still young, they chose to keep it. Even though she was a girl, their families weren’t too shocked and helped them. She was under a lot of worry because she was sick in the morning. Ru was born at Leicester Royal Hospital on April 29, 2021, after seven hours of labor. After 16 weeks, she got pregnant again. We planned this time to have a baby. “I didn’t tell anyone until I was 17 weeks along.” I hid my bump under loose clothes because I wanted to keep the news of our second child a secret for as long as possible. “I chose to tell everyone about the pregnancy and the gender at the same time,” she said.

Because it happened so soon after Ru was born, some people did think it was a mistake. They also believed she was too young to handle having two babies so close in age or that we hadn’t given it enough thought. Now that she’s eight months along, her second son is growing well and will be born on July 25. This pregnancy has been smoother and easier than the last one, and he’s excited to have “two under two.”

She wrote on TikTok that she was pregnant. There are a lot of opinions. Some people are nice, and some are mean. Trolls were sure she was a single mom and said having two babies so young was “ruining her life.” And a lot of people think she is crazy and doesn’t know what she’s doing, which is not true.

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