An Amazing Journey from “The Ugliest Father on the Planet” to Extraordinary Parenthood

Every morning is a happy one for Mohammad Latif Khata̿a, 32, and his wife Salima, 25, who are both from Jammash and Kashmir in India. Ulfat, who represents love in Urdu, was born on November 10 in the Reasi area of Belgrade. He weighed a healthy 5 pounds, five ounces.

Latif quickly examined his daughter for any obvious marks as soon as he held her. However, the couple was ecstatic to learn that their young daughter was well and had no birthmarks.”I was very concerned about my baby’s facial features,” Latif stated. It was a huge relief to see that she was quite ad fie. Her face is stunning, just like an angel.Latif explained that after years of suffering due to his ow¿ disfigurement, his new daughter has brought happiness into his life.

Latif suffers from neurofibromatosis, a disease that causes many skin flaps to cover his whole face, leaving him virtually faceless. “I want to forget about my previous life,” he uttered. A mother’s life is enriched by becoming a father, and I am embracing every moment of it. I will enjoy it and I will now worry about her far more than I do about myself. I no longer give a damn about myself.

When his wife Salima found out what she was expecting, the two experienced a lot of insomnia as they worried about Latif’s ability to pass his codicitio. Salima, who had just one foot, got married to Latif in August 2008. For many years, Latif struggled to find a wife, but when he met Salima, they finally agreed to get married despite their differences.

“We had always wanted children, but we were always too scared,” Latif remarked. We took a break that evening, but I prayed throughout the pregnancy that our child would be well. As long as the person didn’t have to cover their face in embarrassment, I didn’t give a damn if it was a male or a girl.My heart was filled with happiness when I finally heard my daughter’s cries. It was such a great moment.

Although Latif and Salima would prefer to have additional children, their financial issues may prevent that. “I am grateful to God for blessing me with a beautiful daughter and increasing our love for children.” But I don’t hear anything. While no parent would want their child to experience any health issues, they also wouldn’t want them to experience any physical issues.

Due to his vision issues, Latif has had to start helping his family because he is unable to find employment. Every year for many months, he journeys to Sriagar, the capital of Kashmir, to make enoυgh money to send home. “I don’t want to part from my daughter, but I have no other option and must depart from the Spirit.” To support my family, I have to earn more money, and this is the only way I can,” he continued.

Latif has been a wonderful husband and father, according to Salima, who also thinks he will make a fantastic father.”I love being married to Latif, regardless of how he looks,” she exclaimed. I don’t regret becoming his wife one day. I enjoy him just as he is. God’s desire for His face is what we can’t change, so we just accept it and go about with our lives.

However, it wasn’t quite the same wish for one’s daughter. Their prayers were heard, and their kid is now born. We don’t want to waste any more time worrying about it. We intend to lead happy lives.

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