Against All Odds: Unstoppable conjoined twins do better than expected and thrive.

This mother, who doesn’t want to be named, was told that her babies would be joined at the head while she was giving birth. Doctors thought the girls would die soon after birth, and if they did make it, they thought their life would be hard until they died around age 10. The family said that they can’t be split up because they share a main artery in the head that keeps them living.

But the twins are doing well and say they would never want to be split up, even though they have been through horrible things all their lives. They have never known anything different, like being able to see each other and watch TV at the same time through a screen. As Craniopagus twins, the girls are a medical rarity; they are only two to six percent of all conjoined twins in the world. Neev (on the right) and Nelly Kolestein (on the left) are from Amsterdam. They have been joined by the backs of their heads for 18 years, but they each have their own brains and bodies.

They said they don’t want to be split up even though they can’t because they share a main artery in the head that keeps them living. Even though Neev and Nelly have only ever seen each other in a mirror (photo), they have become very close. Twins who are joined at the head can never be parted. These twins have made a YouTube channel and an Instagram page to talk about their disability and show that they are more than just “the girls with a disability.”

Even though Neev and Nelly have only ever seen each other in a mirror, they have made an unbreakable bond. “When we were babies, everyone thought we were going to die,” Nelly said. “But we’re now here.” We’re 18 years old and can stand on our own two feet. Neev also said, “Our bodies are separate, but our heads are joined.”We all believe we can understand each other. We can’t, though. “We have our own ideas.” It means that each of us can do our own thing, like walk and talk.

Babies who are joined at the top of the head are called craniopagus conjoined twins. Ten to twenty babies out of every million babies born in the United States have this disease. About 2% to 6% of conjoined twins are joined at the top of the head. This is the least common type of the problem. Conjoined twins are more likely to be girls than boys. People who are craniopagus twins always have the same genes and are the same gender.

Because of how they are connected, not many craniopagus twins make it through birth. About 40% are stillborn, and another 33% die after birth, usually because their organs or bodies don’t work right. But 25% have been known to live, and based on where they are attached at the skull, they may even be able to be split up. These treatments are now more likely to be successful thanks to improvements in brain imaging and neurosurgery.

The girls were born in Suriname, South America, but there wasn’t enough medical care there, so they had to go to the Netherlands for faster and more specialised care. But they could not be split up, even though their parents wanted them to. The blood flow to their brains is so jumbled that it would be fatal to try to separate them. A 24-year-old care worker and business owner named Rosianne Kolestein is the twins’ sister. She said, “We moved my sisters to the Netherlands because there was a small chance to separate them at first.”Of course, that’s what our parents wanted—a better life for them.Living in Suriname wasn’t fun. A lot of people stopped hanging out with our family because they thought it might have been magic.But after more tests, the doctors found that separation wasn’t possible. Their brains are joined together, and they share major blood arteries and veins.

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