After Only Having Boys, They Try For A Girl “1 Last Time,” End Up With Quintuplets Instead

Having two boys made Megan Hulen and her husband Joshua delighted. But secretly, they had also always desired a daughter. They therefore made the decision to have another child, hoping for a girl, when their younger kid reached two. Naturally, they would have been just as thrilled to have a third boy, but their greatest desire was to have a girl.

After a while, Megan became pregnant. But after her ultrasound, the doctors gave some news that completely shocked the family. Quintuplets were the five infants that Meghan carried in her womb.

Her natural conception, as opposed to one that was assisted by medicine, stunned everyone.

“We discovered there were five when we went for our first ultrasound at six weeks,” Megan remarked.

Very startling. It was both exciting and worrisome at the same time, according to dad Joshua.

So, did this family’s desire to conceive a daughter materialize? Yes, four times, not just once. Chloe, Emma, Allison, Madison, and baby Adam are the four gorgeous girls that Meghan and Joshua welcomed into their family.

A pregnancy like Meghan’s, born at 32 weeks, occurs once in 43 million times.

These happy parents were the first in North Dakota to give birth to quintuplets at the same time!

Joshua described it as “overwhelming and miraculous all at once.”

Given the common occurrence of some infants dying in the womb during multiple pregnancies, Meghan and Joshua were uncertain during the pregnancy as to whether all of their children would survive.

Megan stated, “They’re not viable, or one or two disappear, or those kinds of things happen.” We therefore concluded that there wouldn’t be five. There will be two, three, or maybe more. After a week, we returned, and there were five heartbeats.

These parents adore their challenging job of parenting seven kids under one home.

“Having a large family excites and brings us great joy. Though it’s larger than we expected, we’re grateful and joyful about it, Joshua remarked.

He went on, “And we’ll be grateful for that too when we get to sleep again at some point in the future.”


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