”A Story of Resilience: A mігасɩe in the Life of Cooper Twins”

Although doctors have not yet provided scientific evidence to support the girl’s family’s belief that she can speak with her through her thoughts,

The craniopagus twins Tatiana and Krista Hogan have a special bond.

Twins that are conjoined Since Tatiana and Krista’s brains are “zipped” together, they can never be apart. The two seven-year-olds’ unique bond also allows them to see through one other’s eyes.

Their mother Felicia Hogan explains in the Channel 5 documentary Joined at The Head: Twin Life, that the siblings are “linked like this one big zipper that can’t be unzipped”.

The sisters were found to have a distinct brain anatomy because of a shared neural bridge between their thalamus, which controls sensory and motor impulses in addition to consciousness.

Twin Life Joined at the Head

Their family quickly realized that the girls were even more special because of the tissue connecting their brains, which allowed them to watch television together even though only one twin could see the screen.

Following tests, the girls’ brains were able to process light signals, even with one sister’s eyes closed.

According to their grandfather, the family believes thinks Tatiana and Krista are capable of communicating their ideas. “They start giggling and you know they’re up to something and they haven’t said a word,” he says.

“They will go and play a joke pretty soon after, and you know they are communicating, we just don’t know how.”

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The youngest conjoined twins in the world with cranium and face (Image:

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The family was informed early on not to anticipate the girls to be able to sit up, much less walk, run, and play together, yet the twins have defied the doctor’s expectations for survival.

Felicia declared that having Tatiana and Krista “was not an option” and that she would never reconsider her choice.

Although difficult, I wouldn’t change a thing.

“If I could, I would go through it a million times. If I could have this life again, I would choose it over anything in the next life.

“If I could, I would go through it a million times. If I could have this life again, I would choose it over anything in the next life.

The girls’ ability to manipulate each other’s limbs and legs in addition to their own bodies was also revealed by the doctors.

According to the documentary, they will never be able to live independent lives due to their bond, and as their mother Felicia states, they will have to learn to coexist even though they may occasionally argue and disagree on what to eat.

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“I still see people look at them like they are freaks, like they shouldn’t be here.

“People need to see these little girls are amazing for who they are.”

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