A Nurse Phoned My Husband to Tell Him I’d Had the Baby. I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

There are many surprises in life, but nothing could have prepared me for the call from a nurse telling my husband that I had just given baby. The most astounding aspect? I was unaware that I was expecting.

It all began with what appeared to be a typical day. I blamed stress and an inconsistent diet for my symptoms, which had persisted for several days. I had no idea that my life would undergo such a significant upheaval. “I subsequently remembered that I thought it was just a stomach bug,” I said. “I had no clue what was really happening.”

When the pain got too much for me that day, my husband hurried me to the ER. He said, “We need to get this checked out.” The hospital’s medical staff evaluated me right away. They broke the startling news—”You’re in labor”—within minutes. My brain raced, not understanding a word that was said. I had no idea I was pregnant, how could I be in labor?

Everything happened pretty quickly. The medical staff worked quickly, and I was holding a healthy baby in my arms before I realized it. “It felt unreal,” I recalled. “One moment, I was dealing with pain, and the next, I was a mother.”

The nurse broke the news to my husband, who was filling out paperwork, over the phone during the hubbub. “You’re a dad! Congratulations!” she exclaimed. He was astounded as well, unable to comprehend the unbelievable turn of events. He stumbled, “I didn’t even know she was pregnant.” Neither of us could believe how shocked we were.

After the first shock subsided, we had to come to terms with the reality of our new circumstances. We asked ourselves, “How could we have missed this?” Looking back, I saw that other things had obscured the subtle pregnancy signals. Our lack of weight gain, irregular periods, and overall busy schedule had prevented us from noticing anything unusual.

We accepted our new roles as parents in spite of the unusual arrival. “We had no time to prepare, but we’re adapting quickly,” I replied. Our loved ones came together to support and guide us through the early stages of parenthood. The enormous and touching display of love and support from the community was heartfelt.

This incident served as a reminder of how crucial it is to monitor one’s health and consult a doctor when something feels amiss. “I never thought I could be pregnant without knowing it,” I said. Contrary to popular belief, cryptic pregnancy is a rare condition that happens frequently. It acts as a reminder to pay attention to our bodies and routinely consult medical professionals.



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