A mother’s boundless love shines through in her unwavering devotion to her wordless child, creating a special bond with a unique face. ‎

People have been amazed by the woman’s hyper-realistic dolls, which she created out of clay, and how lifelike they look. When Vincenzia Care, a 27-year-old Toronto, Canada resident, acquired a doll from her mother when she was just seven years old, she became interested in toys. She made her own new doll out of heartbreak after the unexpected breakage of the original, and the trip she went on to complete has become part of her history.

To make her dolls more inclusive, Vincenzina now creates ones with various facial features and medical issues.

To create the toys, she uses pictures of herself as a baby as well as images from her friends and family to hand-sculpt the polymer clay dolls. After that, she either sells them as unique toys or records them on vinyl so that people all around the world can purchase them.

Her larger dolls can take up to three years to fabricate, depending on their size and condition. Her miniature dolls can be made in as little as a few months.

“I felt it was important to represent all people in dolls, so I started making dolls with different health conditions,” Vincenzina adds.

“Dolls have long been used to symbolize perfection, and I believe that no matter how we are born, we are all perfect. Some of these dolls are the result of months and months of studying a particular situation, during which I sculpted the features I wanted the doll to have, making it as universally ethically as possible.

“I enjoy putting the personality back into the reality of all conditions that are typically dehumanized because they are different by using dolls with various conditions to convey expressions that people can relate to.

“I have created dolls that exhibit craniofacial duplication, dwarfism, and Down syndrome. In order to raise awareness, my dolls are designed to investigate and learn about various illnesses.

“My main goal in life is to represent as many conditions as I can,” she goes on. I want to dress them to represent to the world that they are just as worthy of celebration and importance as a small life, just like any mother would dress her kid. Usually, after wearing an item of clothing, I give it to friends and mothers so they can dress their adorable children.

Despite losing her employment due to the epidemic, Vincenzina managed to turn her skill into a full-time career. She also teaches children painting and works part-time in administration. Making dolls is something she finds “extremely relaxing,” and when she was younger, she even called it “therapeutic.”

She now keeps cabinets stocked with her older dolls as a way to monitor her development. She assesses her progress as a sculptor by contrasting her present work with her earlier efforts.

Recently, the doll maker showcased her creations on TikTok. One of her posts featuring a doll with cranio-facial duplication had over 106 million views and became viral.

“No matter how long you live, every life deserves love and appreciation,” she said as the post’s caption.

With 4.6 million likes, the video of a baby doll that appears to have two joined heads has gone viral, and many people are still in shock that the toy isn’t a real newborn.

One individual asked, “Who else thought the baby was real at first?”

“Oh my god…I thought it was a real baby,” said an additional viewer.

Vincenzina comments on the responses, saying, “A lot of people think they are real, even though I have made many videos explaining why I make them and that they are dolls.”

“The majority of the comments I receive are positive, but some people aren’t very encouraging.”I recognize that some people find it extremely difficult to adopt a fresh perspective when society has long painted differences in such a negative light.

“My friends and family are highly supportive of my dolls and message, even though it took me years to reveal to them what my primary motivation was for creating them.

“My father helps me make props to display them, and my mother loves to knit and crochet outfits for them.”

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