A Mother With a Tumor Would Never Give Up on Her Child His head was the size of a football.

Well, life is a joy that should be cherished to the fullest each and every day, I guess. But occasionally, we think it should just let go. We are sharing with you today the tale of a woman who gave birth to a child who was already dying before she was even born. Teresa is her name.

She claims that whenever she was pregnant, she made it a point to visit a doctor to make sure her unborn child was healthy. Everything seemed fine the first three times, but after her third pregnancy test, the physicians informed her that her unborn child had a problem. She had no idea what was truly going on with the kid.

Because the baby’s condition was unusual, the physicians continued to transfer her to various medical institutions. doctors informed her that there was nothing doctors could do to preserve her unborn child because the kid was growing and ready to be born at this point in the pregnancy, which was already six months old.

But the doctors informed her that the unborn child inside her was already dying in the womb, thus there was no possibility the baby could survive and be born. She was going through unimaginable pain during her labor, but many of her friends assured her that labor was painful. She tried to explain what she was going through with regular labor, but Harkis was alarming.

She was incapable of giving birth to this kind of child, and the physicians were forced to conduct surgery in order to remove the infant. As her eyes landed on the infant, she was filled with amazement and fear. She wept uncontrollably, but that didn’t help, and they told her to hold off until they saw her infant through x-rays just to be able to identify what was wrong with her head.

Following the baby’s medical examination, the physicians informed her that there was no treatment they could ever afford to provide, and that all that remained was to bring her home and care for her until she passed away.

She brought her child home, but because of the condition that their child was in, neither she nor her husband could communicate with one another. For several days, she secluded herself in the house and couldn’t stop crying.

She believed that there was nothing to life because all the moms she knew had given birth to healthy, happy children, but she arrived at the hospital with a baby who could not even explain what was wrong with her.

She thought about it and realized that she couldn’t give birth to her child yet. She then took her to other hospitals, but ultimately, nothing changed because the doctors continued sending her to different ones.

Eventually, she found a kind doctor who had to give her the whole story about her situation.

He informed her that she would be spending a lot of time traveling to other hospitals and that they would continue to transport her to various medical facilities since some of them in this country could never handle that kind of surgery unless she was abroad.

The medical professionals informed her that her infant had several fractures on the inside of her head, indicating that she suffered from hydrocephalus, a condition for which there is no cure. He also counseled her to bring her infant home and cease going to hospitals in hopes of receiving assistance.

She was forced to bring her child back home and deal with the fact that he was suffering a lot since she didn’t have the money to keep taking him to the hospital.

Her baby is two months old, but she has never closed her eyes because of the swelling in her skull, which is quite painful. She also usually cries when something bothers her, and occasionally her mother can’t figure out what’s wrong since she always assumes it’s the tumor in her brain.

Since this kid entered their lives, they have had a really difficult time because she is unable to look for work elsewhere and must spend every day with the child. Her husband is unemployed as well, so he tries to go and see what they eat, but he doesn’t have much money to feed the family and look after the infant because they both used to contribute to their family’s well-being and it’s not possible anymore.

Their infant is going through a lot of pain since she is often crying. Additionally, she agitates her mother. She claims that her infant cries a lot during the night, so she tries to get some sleep during the day so she can tend to her at night.

Many people are sympathetic to this family and they never stop telling Be strong and believe that everything will work out in the end.

She is going through terrifying periods of pain and hardship, but she consistently claims that seeing her kid alive inspires her to work harder every day and hope for a better future.

mom infant normally drinks breast milk just like any other baby, but carrying the toddler and the baby at the same time is quite exhausting for mom, so the infant doesn’t drink a lot of milk because it gets hot every time the baby is being breastfed.

The baby’s left eye is also affected by the tumor since it pulls the eye downward, making it difficult for the infant to close its eyes and resulting in little sleep.

Bathing the infant is not an easy task for this mother, as she experiences intense terror when the baby is submerged in water. Additionally, holding the baby in the bathtub poses a significant challenge for her.

Now that she is no longer working, everyone in her family believes she wants to ask for more money, so they all talk to her a lot.

This baby also has severe breathing issues.

Her infant is already struggling to breathe.

She is kindly asking everyone who views this video to kindly assist her dying child in receiving advanced medical care, as it is the one thing she is looking forward to.

People may sometimes provide you the option to wait for death, but it’s ultimately up to you to make that decision.

Only God makes preparations for us so that we might fulfill our destiny.

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