A Meaningful Birthday: A Memorable Event for a Baby Born Without a Skull.

Babies born in Mississippi, USA, are born with calvaria, a rare condition that causes the fetus to be born without the facial and skull bones. Tom and Jessica, his parents, claimed that their chances of survival were slim. Prior to it, the physician had advised that Owe would probably die in the womb or quickly become traumatized while he was still a baby. Collectively, they recommended that the pregnancy be terminated.

When Owe Masterson was born, he had a slight deformity and some facial hair.

When a pregnancy test was performed at 24 weeks gestation, Oweο’s condition was found, but the doctors weren’t sure if his brain was fully covered by his skυll. Tom and Jessica were informed that although Oweο had “very abnormal brain development,” the doctor was able to diagnose the baby’s exact condition after seeing an ultrasonography specialist. They discovered that Owe had a calves, which are likely to survive, at 27 weeks of pregnancy.

Still, the couple insisted on keeping the baby from the beginning to the end. When all the doctors of cast pessimistic prediction, the source of the family’s happiness was the baby boy. It felt like he was possessed by the confidence that he was safely inside my mother. I realized that I wasn’t able to do anything after that.He was disinterested. Jessica says, “I didn’t want him to go, for I felt that my SO should stay.”

She should weigh terminating the pregnancy to kill her undesired child because the baby will likely die despite the doctor’s best efforts.

The medical community was astonished when Owey went home from the hospital just after two days of his birth, considering his miraculous powers of survival. Even though Owe¿ experienced a severe stomach disease and ear infection at the same time, and his condition was not stable during the whole 1st year of life, he still did survive the whole period of time perfectly well. She does not crawl or walk by herself, unlike other children, so she needs a carer to move with her.

Owe did survive all the doctors’ dashed expectations and false prophecies.

Besides, the boy has probably several other problems beyond his ill health and immobility, which is typical for other kids.

Owe, who is four years old at the moment, is relatively healthy. Notwithstanding the in-born defects and incomplete skull, the kid seems to do so well each day living a normal life.

The doctors feel uncertain about Oweο’s prospect and the family keeps faith alive since Oweο is a battle hero who has already been resisting “Death” for the last four years. Tom and Jessica sometimes take pictures of the boy and post the pictures on their social media accounts. They will never doubt him for a moment, since they consider him as a worthy “Knight.”

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