A Lot of People Had a Crush on Her in the 1980s, But Look at Her Now…

In the 1980s, Linda Kozlowski captured hearts worldwide with her role in the iconic film “Crocodile Dundee.” Starring alongside Paul Hogan, Kozlowski’s portrayal of Sue Charlton turned her into an international sensation. However, after a few sequels and some other roles, Kozlowski stepped away from Hollywood. Let’s take a look at her journey from stardom to her life today.

Linda Kozlowski was born on January 7, 1958, in Fairfield, Connecticut. She discovered her passion for acting early on and decided to pursue it professionally. She enrolled in the prestigious Juilliard School’s drama division, one of the most renowned theater programs in the world. Graduating in 1981, Kozlowski honed her skills and began her career in off-Broadway productions.

Kozlowski’s big break came in 1986 when she was cast as the female lead in “Crocodile Dundee.” The film was a massive success, both critically and commercially, and Kozlowski’s performance was widely praised. Her chemistry with co-star Paul Hogan was palpable, and the film’s popularity turned her into a household name.

The success of “Crocodile Dundee” led to two sequels: “Crocodile Dundee II” (1988) and “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles” (2001). While these films didn’t quite match the original’s success, they solidified Kozlowski’s place in Hollywood. During this time, she married Paul Hogan, and the couple became one of the industry’s most talked-about pairs.

Despite her success, Kozlowski decided to step back from acting after the “Crocodile Dundee” series and a few other roles. She appeared in the television movie “Death of a Salesman” alongside Dustin Hoffman, and took on minor roles in various productions. However, she found the Hollywood lifestyle unfulfilling and stressful, prompting her to seek a different path.

In an interview, Kozlowski mentioned that she was tired of the repetitive nature of her roles and the lack of interesting offers. She decided to focus on her personal life and explore other interests outside of the film industry.

After leaving Hollywood, Kozlowski lived a relatively quiet life. She and Paul Hogan had a son, Chance, in 1998. However, the couple divorced in 2014 after 23 years of marriage. Despite their separation, they have remained on good terms and focused on co-parenting their son.

Kozlowski has since found happiness in a new chapter of her life. She moved to Morocco, where she and her business partner started a tour company, Dream My Destiny, offering personalized travel experiences. This venture allowed her to combine her love for travel and new experiences with her entrepreneurial spirit.

Looking back at her career, Linda Kozlowski’s journey is a testament to following one’s passion and the courage to make bold life changes. She captivated audiences in the 1980s with her talent and beauty, and while she may not be in the limelight anymore, her legacy in film remains.


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