A father’s timeless story of love for his paralyzed child is told all over the world.

The unfortunate family faces a constant problem as they try to stay alive in the Idlib shelter camps, where their cousins have put them in a dangerous situation. People fleeing the attacks in Syria by the Assad government have a hard time getting where they need to go. Muhammad, their 14-month-old son, was born without any limbs, and the family is badly waiting for help and support.

The Misaytif family is struggling to live in a relative’s tent in the Idlib refugee camps, which are places where citizens fled attacks by the Assad regime in Syria. They are desperately hoping that someone can help their 14-year-old son Muhammad, who was born without any limbs.

Since Muhammad was born without legs or arms, he can’t play with his friends. Instead, he spends most of the day with his cat. The little boy’s father, Halit Misaytif, said in a statement that his son was born without arms or legs.

Misaytif said, “Muhammad needs care and attention all the time.” He has to be on your lap all the time. This is where I live in the camp.He said, “We can’t protect it from the summer heat and cold.” “I can’t seem to find my son’s milk.”

“I can’t find work,” Misaytif said. She had trouble walking after hurting her foot in attacks by the Assad government. I can’t seem to find my son’s milk. Drugs cost more now than they did in the past.He said, “I hope Mohammed keeps living like all the other kids.”

Misaytif said, “We barely get his milk, medicine, and diapers.” He made it clear that Muhammad could not take care of himself because he had no hands or feet. It would be great if he went abroad one day. The artificial limb is now attached. I only want him to live like other kids. He said, “I hope I can make Mohammed happy.”

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