A 63-year-old woman surprises many by giving birth to triplets.

After 44 years of marriage without children, a 66-year-old Indian woman became a mother to triplets (two boys and a girl), potentially breaking the record for the oldest woman in history to do so.

Woman Gives Birth

Btw. Bhateri Devi is receiving urgent care, according to the doctors, following artificial insemination at the National Insemination Center in Hisar, Haryana, where she conceived her child. Just 1.2 kg, 1.1 kg, and 800 g were the low birth weights of her three babies at delivery.

“According to the birth certificate issued by a government hospital in Rohtak district, Bhateri Devi was born on May 21, 1944, in Madina village of Rohtak,” stated Dr. Anurag Bishnoi, who oversaw Mrs. Devi’s care.

Anurag Bishnoi added BTS. After three unsuccessful efforts at artificial insemination, Bhateri Devi became pregnant. Only two embryos were implanted in each of the first two cycles. However, the mother became pregnant after three embryos were implanted in her uterus on the third attempt.

Deva Singh, her 64-year-old spouse, is ecstatic about this since he is a happy father who is almost seventy years old. “Bhateri made my ambition of starting a family and leaving an heir apparent come true. My first wife, Bhateri, was unable to bear children, so I took a second wife, but this one also failed to bear children,” he claimed. “I am content and will provide a rich and successful future for my children.

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