Shawn Johnson East’s Big Announcement: Baby No. 3’s Name and Gender

Shawn Johnson East, the Olympic gold medalist, and her husband, Andrew East, recently took to social media to reveal the name and sex of their upcoming third child. The couple shared adorable pictures to give their fans a glimpse into this joyous moment. With the due date approaching, the excitement among their followers has skyrocketed.

Breathtaking Announcement

In an Instagram post, the couple revealed that they are expecting a baby boy whom they’ve decided to name Jett James East. The post included heartwarming pictures featuring their two-year-old daughter, Drew Hazel, and their one-year-old son, Jett James, holding up a sonogram image. Shawn expressed her excitement in the caption, saying, “We cannot wait to meet you little man.”

Community Excitement

The announcement has been met with an outpouring of love and excitement from fans and well-wishers across social media platforms. Thousands of messages congratulating the couple have flooded in, along with an abundance of likes and heartwarming comments.

Preparation and Anticipation

With this new addition to their family drawing near, Shawn and Andrew have been actively preparing for the upcoming arrival of baby Jett. The couple has utilized their social media platforms to share glimpses of the nursery setup, baby gear, and their experiences in juggling parenthood with expecting another child. These updates have resonated deeply with their followers, as parents and families relate to the challenges and blessings of expanding their households.

Looking Ahead

As Shawn and Andrew joyfully anticipate the newest member of their family, their transparency and openness have continued to resonate with their audience. By sharing their journey, they have further strengthened their connection with their fans and created a supportive and inclusive community. The upcoming arrival of baby Jett has not only left their audience eager to witness this new chapter in the couple’s life but has also reinforced the importance of togetherness and shared experiences within the realm of parenthood.


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